Securing the exploitation and valorisation of industrial data

Digital platform allowing the transfer, exploitation and valorization of industrial data in the cloud, with a very high level of security. PLCs and the industrial network remain isolated and protected, thanks to a tamper-proof interface.


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The industrial digital twin is at the heart of the digital transformation. It enables industrial companies to achieve operational efficiency and create competitive advantages. Indeed, today data produced by the various industrial sensors improve control, exploitation and analysis, through intelligent services and by making it available to partners.

On the other hand, the current solutions for digital platforms in the industrial environment do not allow to:

- Collect industrial data in a non-intrusive and highly secure way: the security of the solutions on the market is mainly computing and not physical.

- Remain master and owner of their data: these data generally transit through a third party.

- Use the potential of the cloud in terms of intelligent services, resilience, scalability and usage. Today, most solutions and infrastructures are not simply urbanized and current solutions do not offer the flexibility and agility required by the company.

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The solution presented includes equipment for collecting data from industrial systems, which allows data to be exported to a secure cloud, while maintaining the isolation of the network concerned. These data are then accessible in real time, through various innovative 100% cloud services, such as a hypervisor, a predictive maintenance system, or any other intelligent service, using an API.

The solution :

- Is simple to use and non-intrusive: a simple box connected to the sensor(s) of the machines is enough, and this system can be integrated on any infrastructure and industrial tools, even ageing ones.

- No intermediary: the user company remains the owner of its data, and the solution allows the exploitation of the data in a dedicated cloud environment.

- Maintains the isolation of the industrial network: the equipment is secured by design, and not only by IT solutions.

- Does not require any IT infrastructure management effort (thanks to a cloud environment)

- Scalable: Artificial intelligence allows the company to use its data for its own needs.

- The data is accessible everywhere and at any time, in real time, with any terminal: a simple internet connection is enough.

In addition, the serverless dimension of the solution also allows for on-the-go consumption, and therefore greater energy efficiency.

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1 Simple to use and non-intrusive
2 No intermediary
3 Maintains the isolation of the industrial network
4 Does not require any IT infrastructure management effort
5 Scalable
6 Data is accessible anywhere time
7 Serverless

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You may choose multiple options