New flavorful, easy melt vegan cheese

Non-dairy cheese alternatives that have the same characteristics of classic cheeses when it comes to taste, functionality and processability. This new product range can widen the use of cheese in common applications and can be used to create new products for the non-dairy market following global food trends.


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Looking at market trends, sustainabilty and health aspects, as well as animal welfare are drivers for the increasing market demand for dairy alternatives. 

The market development of non-dairy cheese is almost at the beginning. The current products are not comparable with classic cheese types when it comes to sensory and nutritional values. In addition to that, the melting and browning properties are not suitable.

The focus of existing products is on the B2C market. There are only a few products available especially when focused on special functional performances in the B2B sector. 

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Our non-dairy cheese is developed to fulfil the specific needs of the B2B sector and combine following benefits:

The taste, mouthfeeling and texture is close to classic cheese. Additionally, the variety of types with different tastes offer great possibilities: mild, savory to spicy sensory profiles in adjusted intensities custom-made for different applications.

An application-oriented functionality for specific products
Our B2B range of non-dairy cheese is developed with a focus on thermophysical functionalities. The stretching performance goes along with perfect melting and browning for heated goods such as pizza or ready meals and will give an attractive appearance to these applications.

No extra investment 
Our product fits to the existing processing lines for grating and slicing.

Optimized nutritional values
Compared with existing non-dairy cheeses, our product has optimized results in salt and protein content.

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